Over 40 years of experience

Fortis Angelo srl was born in San Maurizio d'Opaglio (No) in 1974 as a manufacturer of Gravity Diecasting.
Quadra srl was founded in Gozzano in 1996 thanks to Castelli Massimiliano and Ruga Gilberto, two Fortis employees, and to Frattini Maurizio. Specializing in the manufacture of molds for plastics and molding, it soon becomes a reference point for the thermoplastic molding industry.
The two companies have always maintained and developed a collaborative relationship, especially at a technical level.

In 2015, Quadra acquires Fortis shares, and born the new Quadra-Fortis brand. This operation, strongly demanded by the three Quadra partners, was inspired by the need to further enhance the production, technical and customer capacity of the individual units, retaining the name Fortis Angelo srl.
At present, the company employs 16 people, of which 5 are dedicated to the design. Their specialization, with a high-precision production plant, is one of its strengths.